Care Planning and Support Services

Assessment and Care Planning: Our Registered nurses will conduct a thorough assessment of your overall health, medical history and specific healthcare needs, and will develop a specific and detailed care plan to ensure that all of your needs are met. We update our care plans at regular intervals, including when there is a change in care requirement (e.g. new or healed wound or new medical diagnosis), when there is evidence of a functional decline or when there has been an incident requiring reassessment (e.g. a fall or decline in cognition). Even if your health has been stable, our care plans are updated every 6 months including a reassessment of all standard nursing assessments.


Coordination of Care: Our Registered Nurses will work in close collaboration with your healthcare team, including physicians, therapists and other specialists, to ensure a coordinated approach to your overall healthcare. They will adapt care plans as needed, and communicate any changes in your condition to ensure a holistic approach is in place to maximise your ability to engage in daily and community activities.

Emotional Support: Nursing Care encompasses not only clinical care but also emotional support, compassion and empathy to help you, your family and support network cope with the emotional aspects of dealing with illness, disability and recovery.