Our Services

Nursing Care is a vital component of in-home care services, providing clients with the advantage of receiving skilled medical attention in the familiar and comforting environment of their own home.

This level of care not only addresses the clinical needs of clients but also promotes their overall well-being, independence, and the highest possible quality of life, while reducing the need for hospitalisation or institutional care.

It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and dignity of clients who require complex medical care while allowing them to remain in their own home

Alcerta Care can provide all aspects of nursing care, including but not limited to;

  • Assessment and Care Planning: Our nurses conduct thorough assessments of the client’s health, medical history, and specific healthcare needs. They will develop a specific and detailed care plan to ensure that all their needs are met. We update our care plans often, including when there is a change in care requirement (eg. new or healed wound or new medical diagnosis), when there is evidence of a functional decline, when there has been an incident requiring reassessment (eg a fall or decline in cognition). If the client is stable our care plans are updated every 6 months including all assessments.
  • Vital Sign Monitoring: Nurses monitor vital signs, symptoms, and the progression of the client’s condition to detect any changes or complications promptly. We will do a baseline set of vital signs as part of the initial nursing assessment and will also undertake vital signs if there is a change in condition, or if they are required for management of a specific condition eg. hypertension, diabetes or dialysis patients)
  • Medication Management: Nurses can manage all aspects of your medication regime including, medication administration, scheduling, ensuring compliance, S8 medication administration and management, intravenous and subcutaneous medication administration. They will also educate clients and their families on their specific medications and their management.
  • Continence Assessment, Planning and Management: Our nursing care encompasses assistance for individuals dealing with bladder and bowel control issues. We provide confidential services with the goal of upholding dignity, alleviating stress, and aiding individuals in rebuilding confidence for active participation in daily life. Taking the necessary time to thoroughly assess your situation and comprehend the difficulties you encounter, we conduct a Continence Assessment. Subsequently, we formulate personalised plans and strategies tailored to your lifestyle and objectives. In addition to continence treatment by our nurses, they collaborate closely with a substantial team of Allied Health therapists who can offer supplementary continence care and intervention.
  • Diabetes Management: At Alcerta Care our experienced nurses are able to assist with actively overseeing your diabetes management plan in conjunction with the other members of your healthcare team (GP, Dietician, Endocrinologist), enabling you to maintain a healthy lifestyle within the comfort of your home. Our nurses are able to address the challenges of diabetes management, create a personalised care plan and daily routine that seamlessly integrates your life. Our diabetes management services encompass:
    • Blood sugar monitoring
    • Medication management
    • Injections
    • Nutrition assistance
  • Wound Care: We have nurses who have extensive experience in all aspects of wound care and wound types including but not limited to, surgical incisions, pressure injuries, wounds requiring VAC dressings, wound infections and skin tears. Our nurses perform meticulous wound care, dressing changes, and wound assessments to facilitate healing and prevent infection.
  • Chronic Disease Management: At Alcerta care our nurses understand the complexities involved in Chronic disease management and have the expertise to assess and implement a care plan to manage a range of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory conditions, developmental conditions and more. Our nurses will work to stabilise, monitor, and educate clients about managing their conditions effectively.
  • Post-operative Care: Nursing Care extends crucial support to clients recovering from surgery. This includes managing surgical wound site care, monitoring for complications, administering post-operative medications, and assisting with post-surgery mobility and exercises.
  • Medical Procedures: Nurses can perform various medical procedures in accordance with your medical or nursing care plan, such as administering injections, intravenous (IV) therapy, catheter care, tracheostomy care, and ventilator support.
  • Patient and Family Education: At Alcerta Care we understand that nursing also includes educating both clients and their families about the client’s condition, treatment plan, self-care strategies, and preventive measures to empower them to actively participate in their care. Our nurses are knowledgeable and experienced on a wide range of conditions and treatments and will always assist clients and families if they have questions or need further clarification on any aspect of their condition or care.
  • Pain assessment and Management: Nurses assess and manage pain levels, implementing appropriate pain management strategies, and ensuring the client’s comfort. Adequate pain management is an integral part of ensuring a client can engage in their activities of daily living and other activities and interests they enjoy.
  • Coordination of Care: Nursing Care providers collaborate with the client’s healthcare team, including physicians, therapists, and other specialists, to ensure a coordinated approach to healthcare, adapt care plans as needed, and communicate any changes in the client’s condition to ensure a holistic care plan is in place to maximise a client’s recovery, or ability to engage in daily and community activities.
  • Emotional Support: Nursing Care encompasses not only clinical care but also emotional support, compassion, and empathy to help clients and their families cope with the emotional aspects of dealing with illness or recovery.
  • End-of-Life Care: For clients with terminal conditions, Nursing Care professionals offer compassionate end-of-life care, focusing on pain management, symptom control, and emotional support to ensure comfort and dignity in the final stages of life.